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International Business

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International Business in India is growing steadily at more than 7% annually. With every passing day presenting incredible possibilities, there is scope to widen its horizons.
International Business in India works across various export channels, operational in the Americas, East Asia / Pacific, Europe / Central Asia, South Asia and Sub-Saharan / Africa. Bodies like CII, FICCI and the various chambers of commerce offer a host of services to foster the growth of international business in India. Some of these are – 

  •  Working closely with the Government and business promotion organisations to encourage business development in India. 
  •  Building strong relationships with numerous organizations and multinational corporations.
  • Identifying bilateral
    business co-operation potential and thereafter, making apt policy recommendations to overseas governments. International Business in India, along with the domestic business community, is steadily advancing towards becoming the knowledge capital of the world.


  • Americas Export Channel - The Argentinian economy is going through an obvious revival since 2003, after it collapsed during the first semester of 2002. In 2003, GDP growth rate was 8.8% (-10.9% in 2002), 9% in 2004. The IMF forecasts a 4.5% growth in 2006 due to the weak consumption and meagre investments.


  • East Asia / Pacific Export Channel -South East Asia region has seen a wave of bilateral and regional free trade agreements in recent years. The near future is likely to see a continuation of this trend. This report aims at (1) describing and analysing the patterns of regional trade integration involving South East Asia, including the outlook for the future and (2) identifying the possible impacts on the EU arising from the main trade integration initiatives in the region.


  • Europe / Central Asia Export Channel -The economic activity in Austria is going through a moderate growth, mainly due to an economic slowdown in Germany, Austria's favourite trade partner. The country's GDP growth rate was 0.7% during 2003, 2.2% in 2004 and 1.9% in 2005.


  • Middle East / North Africa Export Channel -The United Arab Emirates' economy has been surging since 2003 : GDP growth rate was 11.9% in 2003, 7.4% in 2004 and 7.3% in 2005. It may be 6.8% in 2006. This growth is widely due to oil prices and OPEC quotas increase. The United Arab Emirates are located in the South of the Persian Gulf. They are composed of seven Emirates including Dubai and Abu-Dhabi which both account for 80% of total GDP.


  • South Asia Export Channel -GDP growth was important in 2005 but the economic activity may slow down in 2006. GDP growth was 6.9% in 2004, 7.1% in 2005. The IMF forecasts a 6.3% growth in 2006. Most of the other economic indicators are favourable.


  • Sub-Saharan Africa Export Channel -South Africa is the economic giant of the African continent, with nearly 40% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the manufacturing sector, 75 out of the 100 main African companies are South African.


  • Country Profiles -Country profiles cover all the information which has an economical value for an individual or an organization, planning for business in the following countries or already having a trading set-up.
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