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The SME Cloud Connect Series

Cloud computing is becoming a game changer for

SMEs worldwide as it offers scalable infrastructure

and capabilities, without any capital investment.

There is a paradigm shift where computing

resources are available when needed, and you pay

for their use in much the same way as for household


Cloud technologies have changed the consumption

and delivery of information technology with the goal

of simplifying and managing complexities more

effectively. Cloud models are helping businesses

work smarter by providing flexible, cost-effective

access to technology and information.

In the SME Cloud Connect Series, ICICI Bank, in

association with Ingram Micro, will help you

demystify cloud technologies for your business.


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Just some observations:

·  The latest banner with the image of the hand (Shared by eMart) has been loaded on the main page. However, the high res image needs to be changed on the login page. The older banner had pixelation.

·  The revised banner of FirstHive marketing platform needs to be changed. I have sent revised banner with lesser text.

·  While any tab of marketplace or FirstHive opens in a new window, the link for articles to SME Toolkit opens on the same page. The customer leaves SME Empower. Can we make this section look better. The gaps between articles is bit too much. The banner image has made the page look better, however, it takes time to load on the page.

·  About Us page looks better than before. But still it looks different from all other pages

·  The tab for First Hive reads as "FirstHive - Cross-Channel Marketing". Doesnt look nice. Can we use either "Cross Channel Marketing" or "FirstHive™ Cross Channel Marketing"

·  Cant we start with the line "FirstHive™ is a cross-channel marketing platform that gives you the power to engage your customers with your brand across multiple touchpoints" from the original site as an intro. This single line would set the context.

·  When i click FirstHive free trial, it goes to a page which says campaign name, sms campaign, email campaign. Will there be no handholding at this stage with some information. How does he know that the free trial has been activated? How many days are left, etc. He would need to go to Admin and then find his way through. It says 22nd Jan 2017, hope the customers get 1 whole years subscription. 

·  Social media campaigns are visible only on entering the campaigns tab on the left. Wouldnt we want to keep it on the opening tab along with SMS and Email.

·  Cant we have the tab like its shown in pricing on FirstHive. Show only the 1 year free trial. But mention the bells and whistles under the free value offer. 

·  We have mentioned 708 dollars, while the standard package is 49 dollars per month. Also, do we stick to dollars or put a rupee value.

·  I feel there should be more space after "Single Platform, Multiple Capabilities" as its a good headline for our umbrella of offerings.

·  Instead of "Subscribe to FirstHive" it should read as "FirstHive™ cross-channel marketing platform"

·  Offer entered by Manasi has disappeared. Is it due to the changes happening on the lab site. Hope the problem does not persist in regular usage.

·  My purchase query didnt show up yet.

We have spoken about registration being "Member Registration" or similar instead of "Seller Registration" or "Buyer Registration".

Multiple instances of logout is still happening on the website.

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