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Job productivity is a major and continual concern, and an extremely vital component in the construction industry, as lack of it can result in projects getting delayed and running over the planned budget quickly.
Today, the major concerns which reduce productivity are; challenges faced in setting up a mobile office, ensuring connectivity at remote locations, and the ups and down which come with managing a mobile workforce.
Vodafone Business Services’ suite of solutions tailored to the construction industry lets companies track assets such as vehicles, construction equipment, and material so that they can keep an eye on everything that matters. Collaborative solutions provided by Vodafone can help businesses set up and work together with units spread across different geographies. And for remote or rural locations, wireless technologies can ensure strong connectivity so that work can always continue.
But once the company has set up its units and teams, and has a small but growing client-base, a new set of challenges can emerge.
An expanding customer base would need better means to engage with them. More projects mean more labourers and vendors, and these individuals or agencies would need to be paid on a timely basis. More personnel involved in your projects would require better means of securing your data, which can be expensive.
Vodafone can provide businesses with solutions so that customers are never out of touch. Its secure and convenient money transfer options allow businesses to pay respective parties easily and on time.. And Vodafone’s solutions which secure business data and corporate email will keep all confidential data, confidential.
So construction businesses can focus on their core need – building more, and become a Ready Business.
To find out what Vodafone Business Services can provide for your business,  click here.
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