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Operations are an extremely critical aspect of the manufacturing industry. Several processes like designing for production, timely acquisition of raw materials, workforce management and proper equipment maintenance, all require a high degree of supervision and skill.
To achieve these, it’s important that certain systems are put in place which can help achieve the desired results.
Recognizing all of these concerns, Vodafone Business Services created Ready Manufacturing Solutions, which are tailor-made to the challenges and opportunities in this sector.
These solutions help a business:
  • Track assets such as vehicle and inventories to ensure timely delivery.
  • Connect across multiple devices with wireless internet that keeps businesses connected across locations.
  • Store data and collaborate from anywhere using cloud-based tools.
  • Secure business data and corporate email
  • Schedule meetings, and handle all communications effectively.
  • Set up an easy-to-remember number which lets customers call businesses for free
Also, proper workflow management can help improve business processes. Today’s dynamic competitive environment requires organizational changes with different team structures and greater team orientation which a workflow management system can help achieve. Simple processes as well complex ones which are document-intensive and include many participants need a proper workflow management system. An effective workflow management system brings together and unifies people with different skill sets. It enables improved and increased access to information. Improved communication, document management and sharing, along with crystal clear understanding of processes can result in efficiency and collaboration among team members resulting in greater productivity.
Vodafone’s solutions thus help businesses simplify operations by seamlessly connecting factories, people, machines and processes, so that every manufacturing unit can work at optimum capacity 24 x 7.
To find out what Vodafone Business Services can provide for your business,  click here.
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