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Taking up technology (Ready SME)
The SME sector has been one of the strongest drivers of the Indian economy. The sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP is expected to increase from 17% in 2011 all the way up to 22% in 2020; no mean feat considering that they contribute to around 45% of India’s total manufacturing output and around 40% of total exports from India.
But even though SMEs have lately recognized the various benefits that newer technologies can bring to their business, their inability to adopt and implement these is keeping them from replicating the success of their international counterparts. The reasons for this are as follows:
  • SMEs have little understanding of the kind of benefits that technology can bring across end-to-end value chains.
  • Unsatisfactory guidance on newer, complex technologies and their integration into business processes
  • Fear of incurring Capex to set up and implement technology
  • Little or no training given to personnel to handle high-tech setups
All of this can now change, especially since several developments in the country have helped form a strong base for SMEs to launch themselves from.
Vodafone Business Services has created a host of industry specific solutions for this very sector, which takes into account all of the above factors to make SMEs ready for whatever challenges the future may bring t.
To find out what Vodafone Business Services can provide for your business,  click here.
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